Multiuser AR Games

When members claim the deal, they earn the GGEZ rewards tokens and get presented with an option to play an engaging multiuser AR game hosted by a 3D avatar and sponsored by the merchant for a chance of winning additional surprises.

  • Game Types: There are two types of games, play-to-earn games sponsored by merchants and free play-for-fun games that users can play anytime.

  • Play-to-Earn (P2E) Games: games sponsored by merchants and include GGEZ rewards tokens and gifts & surprises; users access P2E games when they claim deals or by browsing the Gameplay app section searching for live sponsored games.

  • Play-for-Fun (P4F) Games: Free, non-sponsored games that users can play anytime; however, there are no rewards allocated to these games.

  • Multiuser AR games: The user with the gameplay pass can invite their friends to live gameplay or open the game to allow anyone to join and play.

  • Game Host: 3D character avatars representing real persons; they present the game to the players and entertain players while playing the game; hosts earn GGEZ rewards when merchants select them to host deals gameplay.

  • Live Gameplay Steaming: Games are streamed live, and anyone can watch live games from the Gameplay section; some games are open for anyone to join and play.

  • Gameplay Recording: Gameplay gets recorded, and players can share the gameplay recording on their profile and social media.

  • Live Social Reactions: players receive social reactions and comments while playing the game.

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