Revenue Model

Revenue Model

GGEZ1 project has seven revenue streams and will earn income in the following ways:

1. Marketplace deals & loyalty management

When merchants post deals and add loyalty programs to the marketplace, they allocate cryptocurrency rewards for members to collect; the GGEZ1 platform takes a 1.5% transaction fee from merchants in exchange for allowing them to post to the marketplace, for example, if a merchant wants to allocate 1000 USD worth in GGEZ rewards, the platform charges 15 USD for the transaction to post to the marketplace, the total charge for the merchant will be 1015 USD in GGEZ rewards token.

2. Crypto Exchange and Swaps

When users want to exchange their earned GGEZ rewards for other crypto assets or NFTs, the platform charges 1.0% transaction fees to process the transaction. This fee does not include network fees that get charged by the networks.

The platform allows users to swap crypto and NFT between each other without a central exchange; the platform will charge 1.0% transaction fees for P2P swaps. This fee does not include network fees that get charged by the networks.

3. Buying from the GGEZ app store

The application comes with a store to allow users to buy items including NFTs, Gift Cards, Prepaid Credits, and Top-ups. Users can purchase items using their GGEZ rewards token or using a payment method. The platform takes a 2.0% transaction fee. This fee does not include payment network fees.

4. User level upgrades

The application includes 7 user levels, and with each level, the user gets better benefits. The more the user uses the app, the higher the level gets and the more benefits users receive. If users want to shortcut the level upgrade requirements, they can simply purchase a level. We estimate about 0.5% of users to buy a level upgrade.

5. Advertising and Sponsorships

Advertisers can run ads and sponsor games on the platform; we will be very careful not to have intrusive or annoying ads that can interrupt or annoy users when using the app.

6. GGEZ Stablecoin Token Assets Generated Income

The GGEZ rewards token is a stable cryptocurrency token that is backed by a portfolio of real-world reserve assets including the US dollar, ETFs, tradable securities, commodities (gold), and real estate; when we issue new GGEZ rewards, we buy real-world assets against the issued tokens as a backed assets reserves; part of the income generated by the assets will be allocated for the project.

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