The team is characterized by a uniquely strong combination of knowledge and experience to include a vast set of team skills; a team of thinkers, creators, and hard-workers; passionate about the project and its potential of the positive financial impact on the community and commerce in the region.

“From the region, serving the region.” The team understands the region’s culture and commerce, what small merchants need and how to offer value. The team wants to take the lead in the region fintech & crypto transitioning.

The founder behind the GGEZ1 project is a hardcore fintech platform development expert with more than 20 years of financial application development experience; starting in 2006 the team leader and CEO Mutaz Majdoub started developing a prepaid debit card and e-wallets platform; today the platform is operational in several countries and several business verticals. In 2013 Mohamad Shawamreh joined the team and now he acts as the project CTO, Mohamad is an industry expert across diverse technology stacks and specializes in financial systems. The team also includes several fintech platform development talents that will become part of the GGEZ1 founding team.

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