Value Proposition

Users: Save, play, and earn crypto rewards ;) … members save money on their purchases when claiming deals, have fun playing engaging multiuser AR games, and earn crypto rewards that are equivalent to cash and can be instantly redeemed.

Merchants: Attract, retain, and entertain customers … merchants attract new customers by promoting deals on the marketplace, retain their best customers by managing cost-effective open-ended loyalty and rewards programs, and entertain customers by sponsoring engaging multiuser AR games for a chance of winning additional surprises.

The detailed value proposition for users and merchants:

Members (Save, play, and earn crypto rewards)

  • Find good deals with real customer reviews

  • Save money when claiming deals

  • Earn crypto rewards on purchases

  • Have fun playing an engaging AR multiuser game with the chance of winning additional surprises

  • Gameplay recording and video-sharing with social reactions

  • Crypto wallet with exchange

  • Instant rewards redemption for (Crypto assets & NFTs, Metaverse & gaming tokens, Gift cards, prepaid credits and mobile top-ups)

  • Buy from merchants using crypto

  • Simplified crypto transacting using mobile numbers and chat interface

  • P2P crypto transfer for assets & NFTs

Merchants (Attract, retain, and entertain customers)

  • Promote the business by posting deals and promotions to the marketplace to attract

  • Cost-effective open-ended loyalty programs to retain

  • Sponsored games to entertain

  • Viral marketing and branding from sharing members’ gameplay video recordings on social media sponsored by merchants

  • Accept payments in crypto

  • Receive ratings & reviews

  • Online profile

Game Creators & Hosts (Participate and earn crypto)

  • Earn crypto from merchant sponsored gameplay

  • Reach an expanded audience

  • Engage their fans

  • Enhance their career

  • Showcase their talents

GGEZ Rewards Token (Financial freedom)

  • Low fees and secure transactions

  • Stable, safe, real-estate asset-backed store of value

  • Protection against inflation

  • Can be staked to generate passive income

  • Investment in sustainable & green project

  • Regulated

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