GGEZ1 Platform

An open marketplace that connects consumers searching for great deals with merchants seeking to promote their businesses

GameFi deals marketplace powered by a real-world asset-backed token

GGEZ is a popular gaming slang that means good game and easy win; we named the project GGEZ to appeal to gamers and communicate a gamified user experience and easy-to-earn crypto rewards.

The GGEZ1 team is building a GameFi loyalty platform with a mobile and web interface, a localized deals marketplace, a crypto wallet & exchange, and an asset-backed cryptocurrency rewards token called GGEZ.

The loyalty platform enables a crypto rewards token that can be collected and redeemed in an engaging gamified experience, creating a consolidated loyalty network that is permissionless, transparent, borderless, and easy to use for both consumers and merchants.

The GGEZ rewards token is asset collateralized token that is backed by a portfolio of real-world assets, the token price reflects the value of the backed assets, offering token holders a good investment, safe store of value, and protection against inflation; the tokens can also be staked to generate yield.

User Types

There are four types of users on the platform, Merchants, Members, Game Creators, and Game Hosts.

The marketplace connects consumers (GGEZ1 members) searching for great deals with merchants seeking to promote their businesses.

Merchants promote their businesses by posting deals or running loyalty programs on the platform; with each deal, merchants allocate cryptocurrency GGEZ rewards tokens, giveaways, and prizes for members to collect.

Members browse the deals marketplace looking for great deals from local and online merchants; when members claim the deal, they earn the GGEZ rewards tokens and get presented with an option to play an engaging multiuser AR game hosted by a 3D avatar and sponsored by the merchant for a chance of winning additional surprises.

Gameplay gets recorded, and members can save the recording to their GGEZ1 user profile and share it on social media to receive social reactions from their friends; gameplay video-sharing will further endorse the platform, promote the merchants, and entertain members and their friends.

Members can instantly exchange earned rewards tokens for other crypto assets, NFTs, prepaid & gift cards, transfer them to other members, or use them to buy from merchants.

The GGEZ1 app user experience is like combining Groupon deals marketplace with Pokémon GO AR game with TikTok short-form video-sharing app in one platform on Web3.

User-Generated Content Ecosystem

The GGEZ1 ecosystem consists of three types of user-generated content on the platform: the Deal, the Game, and the Game Host, which together provide a comprehensive GameFi commerce experience.

  • The deal is a commercial promotion posted by merchants, and with every deal, the merchant must allocate GGEZ rewards to be collected by members when they claim the deal.

  • Game creators publish AR games on the platform and earn GGEZ rewards when merchants select their games for the deal gameplay.

  • Game hosts are 3D character avatars representing real persons; they present the game to the players and entertain players while playing the game; hosts earn GGEZ rewards when merchants select them to host deals gameplay.

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