Executive Summary

The GGEZ1 team is building a mobile app with a localized deals marketplace & loyalty platform and an asset-backed cryptocurrency rewards token called GGEZ Rewards; the marketplace connects consumers searching for great deals with merchants seeking to promote their business. The GGEZ1 web3 platform gives merchants the power to attract, retain and entertain customers and members the place to save, play and earn rewards.

We envision a crypto rewards token that can be collected and redeemed in an engaging gamified experience across brands and countries, creating a consolidated loyalty network that is permissionless, transparent, borderless, and easy to use for both the consumer and the merchant; the GGEZ rewards token will increase consumer's engagement with merchants by increasing flexibility and cutting some of the restrictions that come with traditional loyalty and reward programs.

The GGEZ rewards token is an asset-backed cryptocurrency collateralized by a portfolio of income-generating real-estate assets; the assets collateral consists of global income-generating real-estate investment trusts (REITs) across a range of property sectors in developed and emerging markets.

GGEZ1 foundation will be investing the asset collateral in long-term sustainable and green real-estate projects in emerging markets that will have a positive economic & environmental impact, help communities grow & thrive, and improve the lives of millions of people. These investments include Smart Farming & AgriTech, Renewable Energy, Green Transportation, Water Investments, and Waste Reduction.

The GGEZ token price reflects the value of the backed assets, offering token holders a good investment, safe store of value, and protection against inflation; the token allows anyone to easily invest in a portfolio of income-generating real estate assets without actually having to go out and buy, manage, or finance a property.

Our mission is to become the leading GameFi commerce platform powered by widely adopted real-world asset-backed cryptocurrency; the next evolution of marketplaces, by leveraging blockchain technology, smart contracts, AI, and a gamified AR user experience to build a web3 commerce platform that is permissionless, real-time, and decentralized peer-to-peer network that directly connects consumers and businesses without a central authority.

We believe that a decentralized web (web3) will empower people because it underpins the internet of value, where value moves and is exchanged like information is exchanged today; this will facilitate increased financial inclusion, especially in emerging markets, and will leave everyone more financially connected, empowered, and enabled.

Young consumers in the target region with a sizeable underbanked population and a limited earning potential, the GGEZ1 app and platform will allow them to collect asset-backed crypto rewards from their day-to-day buying activities; the app will become their first-ever experience with a financial app and a gateway to the world of crypto and the metaverse.

The GameFi context allows members to play multiuser augmented reality (AR) games and earn GGEZ rewards tokens, NFTs, and other rewards sponsored by merchants (a play-to-earn approach P2E); combining gamification user experience with blockchain-enabled finance (GameFi) will attract youth, gamers, and non-crypto users to join the platform because AR gaming environment is fun, engaging, social, and delivers an enriched experience that brings together the virtual world with the real one.

GameFi will attract non-crypto users into the crypto market, especially in emerging markets, helping with both education and conversion to lead the efforts of onboarding the next billion users. For merchants, the GameFi features offer opportunities for branding and increase customer satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty, thus improving their bottom line.

The deals marketplace and loyalty platform will create a new advertising paradigm, instead of the traditional model, where businesses pay advertising networks or publishers for ad delivery; businesses pay their customers directly with crypto when claiming the deal.

With the new advertising model, businesses’ digital advertising budgets can be reallocated as rewards and incentives for their customers. By removing the advertising network commission and publisher’s ad cost “middlemen” both businesses and customers benefit; Businesses benefit from having a better ad conversion rate because they only pay when customers complete a purchase; they also benefit from viral marketing and branding when customers video-share the gameplay experience; customers on the other side, benefit from receiving the crypto rewards and by receiving social reactions from their friends when they share the gameplay video recording.

To drive the GGEZ1 vision and mission forward, the founder of the GGEZ1 project, Mutaz Majdoub, with his co-founder Mohamad Shawamreh, assembled a small team to start developing the GGEZ1 platform. The team founder Mutaz is a hardcore fintech platform development expert with more than 20 years of financial application development experience and two successful fintech platform deployments. Mohamad is an industry expert across diverse technology stacks and specializes in financial systems. The team also includes several fintech platform development talents passionate about the project and its potential for a positive financial impact on the community and commerce in the region.

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