The GGEZ1 team objective is to create the best user experience possible with a seamless look and feel across the platform ecosystem; the user’s web portal, mobile application, and the backend system, will be built using a customer experience design-centric approach. The blockchain and DApps engine powering the loyalty rewards token and project token will be Solana, selected for its cutting-edge technology, speed, and low transaction cost.

A platformed architecture designed to handle millions of requests with high availability, high scalability, low latency, and resilience to network failures on microservices distributed architectures.

The team understands the importance of carefully selecting the stack technologies, choosing the right tech stack is the basis for a successful project; therefore, the platform will be built using a modern technology stack that can achieve scalability, speed, security, customer experience design-centric, and be able to handle a large number of users and transactions as the ecosystem grows.

The stack was designed and technologies selected based on the following criteria:

  • Project requirements and features

  • Team experience

  • Availability of resources in the market

  • Prioritizing open-source systems

  • Stable and proven reliability in the market with other large projects

  • Maintainability of the technologies/tool

  • Comply with security compliance standards (PCI, ISO/IEC 27002, etc.)

  • Development speed

  • Modular and be able to build the stack overtime

  • Service-based distributed architecture

  • Infrastructure as code for managing and provisioning the infrastructure

  • Big data ready

  • ML/AI capable

  • Ability to upgrade or change technologies if better alternatives become available

The team designed the stack keeping in mind that changes will occur and therefore changes are expected; this is particularly important in the blockchain space as upgrades and improvements happen daily, and these upgrades can have a significant impact on the efficiency and utility of a platform.

Solana Blockchain

The team selected to build on Solana blockchain and DApps engine because of its impressive technology stack, strong community, speed and high throughput of transactions, and transaction cost. Solana is capable of an impressive 50,000+ transactions per second (TPS) while delivering 400-millisecond block times. Other key features that differentiate Solana from other blockchains on the market:

  • Proof of History (PoH): a means by which all participants in the network can reach consensus on time, the Proof of History mechanisms allows Solana to create a historical record that leverages a Verifiable Delay Function to prove that a certain event has occurred at a specific moment in time.

  • Sea-level: the parallel execution of smart contracts. Whereas other smart contract verification systems such as EVM and WASM-based runtimes are single-threaded, meaning that only one smart contract can modify the blockchain at any one time, Sea-level from Solana allows for tens of thousands of smart contracts to modify the blockchain at the same time.

  • Turbine: the block propagation protocol, similar to BitTorrent, the turbine is optimized for streaming data, grouping validators into communities known as neighborhoods for even greater speed.

  • Gulf Stream: a meme pool management system allowing up to 100,000 transactions. Since Solana can manage 50,000 TPS, this allows the meme pool transactions to be processed in seconds.

  • Strong and growing community

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