Team Achievements

The team successfully designed, build, deployed and operated 2 SaaS financial platforms operating in over 20 markets in Canada, Europe, and the Middle East.

In Europe and Canada, the platform is used by Accomplish Financial to issue prepaid debit Mastercard accounts for corporate clients and financial institutions as a PCI audited SaaS cloud platform.

In the Middle East the platform is optimized for NUMNY LLC to operate a digital products distribution business (Electronic Voucher Distribution (EVD)) offering hundreds of instant prepaid products such as Telecom charge cards, international top-ups, gaming & Internet prepaid cards, and other digital products to end consumers thru point-of-sale devices (POS) installed at retail locations. The NUMNY LLC EVD platform is currently supporting over 10,000 merchants in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Iraq with an average 2.5 million transactions per month, and 26 million USD monthly turnover.

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