App Unique Features

The app is user-friendly, easy to navigate as well as visually appealing; the most important features that make the app and the platform unique are:

  • Prime Number 7: The platform uses prime numbers and the number 7 because it’s considered lucky in Mediterranean cultures.

  • User Levels: The application includes seven (7) user levels. With each level upgrade, the user gets more benefits; the more the user uses the app, the higher the level gets and the more benefits they receive. The user level is displayed on the user profile, so every user on the platform knows the levels of their friends. User levels are crucial because they challenge users and keep them more engaged. The last three levels become hard for users to reach and join because the level has a max number of allowed users that can join. When all available top levels spots are taken, users have to wait for a place to become available to join. When there is an extensive waiting list to join the top 3 levels, more levels will open up; this creates scarcity and exclusivity for the users at the top levels.

  • Social and Environmental Causes: Users can choose social and environmental causes that appear on their profile to proudly express their support. A percentage of the platform income will be allocated to support users’ causes.

  • Merchant Dashboard: The application comes with management tools and reports to make it easier for merchants to monitor and report on the performance of their deals and loyalty programs and manage the users’ ratings and reviews.

  • Merchants Accept Crypto Payments: Because the application comes with a wallet, merchants can accept crypto payments from users.

  • Web App Access: Users can access the app using a web-enabled user portal that users can access using a verification code generated from their mobile device; the web portal is secured using the mobile device.

  • Mobile-First, Password-less App: The mobile application is password-less to make it easy for users to use the app without having to log in using a username and password every time they want to use the app; access to the app and user data is secured by encrypting it using the mobile number and device fingerprint data.

  • Contacts and Groups: the app links with the mobile contacts and identifies when the contact mobile number has an active wallet linked to it; users can also create groups to quickly request group gameplay or send group messages to their groups.

  • Loyalty Schemes: Cashback & Points: Members earn GGEZ rewards and can redeem them across brands and countries within the loyalty network.

  • Tiered Program: Merchants can offer different rewards for each member level. Tiers equal status and exclusive benefits; tiered loyalty help merchants attract a specific customer segment more effectively with targeted incentives and communication.

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